Valuable logistics toward the future

For a long time since its establishment, Kanda Group, as a comprehensive logistics company, has aimed to play a part in the logistics channels for consumer goods that are closely attached to our daily life such as food, pharmaceuticals, publications, and miscellaneous daily goods. We have provided optimal logistics services responding to all customer needs in a variety of fields, from comprehensively undertaking logistics including inbound/outbound logistics, inventory management and delivery, to inspection of cash, international parcel services and moving.

While we expect a shrinking domestic market and distribution volume as the Japanese population decreases, the population in the world is growing steadily. The needs for globalized logistics are steadily on the rise. The Kanda Group is not limited to collaborating with logistics companies overseas, and we have launched offices in Southeast Asia. We are focusing on our international logistics businesses while expanding and strengthening our global network.

The prevalence of technology including AI, IoT, robotics and RPA, which are rapidly developing these days, is bringing on huge innovative changes in the logistics field. We are working as one on improving the logistics field by each employee working on self-improvement in the spirit of inquiry to merge this technology with our nurtured know-how on logistics so it can be utilized for better quality and more efficient business operation.

There will always be a “person” involved in the job of logistics unless complete automation/ unmanned operation are achieved.
The Kanda Group cherishes the connection of “person” to “person”. Aiming at being a company trusted, required, and appreciated by all stakeholders, including shareholders and customers, employees and their families, past associates, partner companies, and local residents, we continue our activities today to contribute to social development through logistics.

KANDA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. President