About The KANDA Group

The Kanda Group, as a comprehensive logistics company, responds to customer needs in a variety of fields, including the transportation and delivery of publications,
bulk logistics services mainly for pharmaceuticals and clothing, joint delivery, storage and disposal of confidential documents, and transportation and inspection of cash.

List of Group Companies
  • Founded


    Established as a transportation company in 1943 under the name of Kanda Transportation.

  • Group Employees

    4,200 people

    It is we ourselves who will create the future of Kanda.
    We will continue to take on the challenge of self-improvement in the spirit of harmony.

  • Companies Within the Group


    Mainly engaged in domestic and international logistics, e-business, and real estate businesses.

  • Domestic and Overseas Offices

    108 bases

    We provide optimal logistics services to meet the needs of our customers in Japan and overseas.

Company Profile

KANDA's History
Since 1943

History of Kanda Group